It's time for me to say hy, fellas...

I tought that if the products were designed to integrate themselves, they could help each other, for example, Comodo A-V could tell Comodo Firewall wich files are viruses, so, protection will be vastly enhaced.
What do you think?

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Thru working together comes even greater security…
watch us make it happen :slight_smile:


I am sorry , I have to disagree and voted no way. The more integrated , the less successful a security will be. While I see what you mean, I think if an AV does it’s job and a firewall does it’s job, the two shouldn’t need to communicate in such a way or be integrated in any way. If they can remain an “option” fine, but I wouldn’t want to have to base my AV on what firewall I use or vise versa. I had a hard time accepting HIPS being integrated with many things but at least HIPS is still an entity in it’s own which makes it tollerable. In other words, I don’t like morphing my securities. Just my opinion though.


Ok Melih, hit the SMITE key! (:TNG)

I voted NO!

I think perhaps this integration would be good to have as an option for some people but that keeping the products available as ‘separates’ must be a priority. People need choice so yes by all means make an integrated solution available for those who desire it but please keep the two available separately for those who prefer this. If it has to be one way or the other then I would vote for keeping them separate.

I voted NO as well, mainly because the future releases of the AV and the firewall, while they won’t be integrated, will recognise and co-operate with each other and leverage each others strengths. They will still function as independant apps if installed individually, but the future design lends itself to “partnering”.

Ewen :slight_smile:

I think we should clearly define what
-Working together


we are talking cross purposes…


Integration is a process of combining or accumulating.

Bundle: a group of products or features supplied as a unit

I think most people consider an integrated product (or bundle) would be a combined AV and Firewall in a package something like Norton Internet Security or the McAfee equivalent.

I think Ewen defines things nicely when he says:
‘the future releases of the AV and the firewall, while they won’t be integrated, will recognise and co-operate with each other and leverage each others strengths. They will still function as independant apps if installed individually, but the future design lends itself to “partnering”.’

This seems the best way rather than releasing both products as some kind of security suite. Of course there could be both options: a combined bundle or separate products that work alone and can co-operate with each other if they are both installed.
At the end of the day not everyone is going to want both Comodo products (though I certainly do) so keeping them available as separate downloads is best.


Just from my view of what such things are/mean, I vote No as well.

My Defs: Bundled = One Control Window, all aspects of the applications installed. Integrated = I can reach the AV from the FW and vice versa, they connect to each other (although not installed as one).

I think that by all means Comodo’s products should recognize one another, wave, say Hi, and work seamlessly together. After all, they’re all by one company. But they should be, and remain (IMO), completely separate in all respects.

Just as a note: At the present, they do not seem to recognize one another ~ no CAVS component is recognized as “Safe” by the firewall (ie, on the “certified” list), and no CFP component is recognized by the HIPS current running as part of CAVS (ie, on the safelist). For that matter, the HIPS doesn’t even recognize its own components! (the safelist created by the scan, the submitter module, etc) I’ve commented on that before, and think that should change…


Well, “as stated by the original post” usually means part of or bringing together, so in essence, the firewall would become part of the AV. This is exactly what shouldn’t happen.

Recognition is fine which brings me to “Working Together” . IF in the sense means acknowledging and recognizing eachother , fine as they should anyway like LM stated but not gathering wood while the other prepares food.

Bundled is what we are when we go outside in our -30 weather lately. Aside of that all bundling is if you include AV with CFP in a download or all your products together, which I wouldn’t see the point in that unless for marketing to get users to try other free software.

I still say NO. Even if cross purposes, I have a feeling this will eat up resources even further which many have been complaining about the little it takes now. Just being honest here, I think this may open up a security hole as well, if something could take over the firewall, communicate openly with AV, bye bye protection. While this is just speculation on my part I don’t see any advantage to this handshaking.


I think the integration would make safer system, but for those that do NOT like it, there should be a separated version of both, maybe that will work for everyone…

<Hi Drk Guy, please keep in mind I am not trying to beat your idea down and I am just giving my opinion on it. :wink: :slight_smile: >

Well, I can accept the separate version part, however that would remain in the developmental department and if they want to essentially create 4 different verions then which would be the two CFPs and 2 AVs which would have to be done , well something on that route. That may not be the best thing to do.

Technically speaking, any software that integrates itself with other components regardless if by same company or not, loses the ability to do it’s job with each integration. This is “currently” a technical fact. I hate to speak of Norton again, but with all it’s integrated hoopla, it can’t even detect a virus any more, it’s slower than a turtle race, and is nothing more than glorified bloatware.

In short, if any security has to expend it’s resources other than what it was meant to do, it will not do it’s job as well as it could now having extra tasks. Plugins are slightly different but having the AV and CFP working together to me, just spells trouble and won’t make a tighter security, it will create an unseen gap in those securities.


I think the CFP, CAV, and other Comodo security programs should remain small and efficient, just like they are now. They should work togather, but just in a way that they do not interfere with each other.
Integrating them into one big cumbersome Comodo Internet Security ;D could result with a buggy program, ■■■■■■■ the system resources. Just like it happened to Norton and Zonealarm, to mention just a few…

But, that’s just my opinion, and maybe I’m underestimating the Comodo crew (V)

Anyway, I voted NO!