It's there, but nothing can find it - 'Fast Windows Antivirus 2011'

Why you Guys are concentrating on IE?

Honestly, it does not make sense to me (correct me if I’m wrong)

It may or may not be an infection, but even M$ suggestions that you can find easily re: the initial message is telling you that it is most likely fake AV is present

That is what has to be investigated

Therefore any IE versions in place is irrelevant at this point

As languy99 said - one has to check proxy settings , but just in order to be sure that those were not changed without users’ knowledge. At the same time cleaning that one up in case of fake AV presence and whatever it can bring along will not help - that will be amended by the alleged infection back again

and those will be changed Globally … no matter what browser is in use

One have to target the core of the problem, but not trying to fix symptoms only

My regards

Hi ozzy

Please check your PM’s. Hope that helps.


Wouldn’t that delete absolutely everything on my computer? :confused: Seems too much for a problem which may not exist any more.

I don’t understand what you’re saying, sorry.

Hello Guys

I’m currently helping out ozzy via PM by connecting him with a Comodo LivePCSupport Expert, they will be able to solve his issue as it’s in this scenario, in this thread, it’s difficult to “communicate” with ozzy to help him resolve the issue, hence why I have offered him the last resort.

This is NO one’s fault, nor ozzy’s. Just I think remote help with an expert is the best way right now. Thanks everyone for helping him out it is much appreciated. I just don’t want ozzy to get more infected or try to “experiment” and cause further damage.

Ozzy - pls feel free to PM myself, languy or any moderator for further help regarding remote help or anything.

Thank you.