Its still the best.. If you ask me..

I have returned to Comodo Firewall, after trying some other firewalls. But i
think that this is the best.
Clean GUI, easy to setup ect…

But, what happend to that nice trayicon.?? I have the latest Beta installed, and what
do i se… The most ugle trayicon i have ever seen…
I can only just se the sheild, behind a big yellow dot…? And when there is some
activity, then i get a black “thing” with a moving green/red arrow…??

This has properly been said before, but will this get removed in a newer release, or will
there be some kinda option, so that it can be “turn off”, so that the trayicon will back to
the “old” but nicer icon… ?

Thanks for a great peace of software…

Welcome back :slight_smile:

I don’t know…but I am sure we will see a more sexy and good-looking trayicon in the future, and I think, as the Comodo-people listen to us users, for sure it will be a option, if you want a flashy trayicon or not…or maybe the old icon…!

Just stay alive…and I am sure we will see changes :slight_smile:



…Im installing CFW on my other PCs as we speek…

Indeed you will see a better Icon.

our guys are already working on it :wink:


Sounds great Melih :slight_smile: