It's sandboxed..automatically, but I don't want it sandboxed.. er.. how?

Hi, if an application is unrecognised, it’s Sandboxed (e.g. ‘Partially limited’.

If that happens, there’s an option to not sandbox it later.

Is there a way to run it ‘non-Sandboxed’ at that time?

I can only guess you launch it again with Sandboxing disabled. I’m assuming there’s a better way… I couldn’t see it here:


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you will need to disable the sandbox but you will need to accept of getting more pop ups from defense+ you. When you see that CIS is sandboxing something click on “don’t isolate this again” or something like that

Valentin N

What I usually do when I encounter an application that CIS doesn’t recognise and I’m convinced is OK, is to firstly try to get to the Don’t Isolate This Again option (this will automatically place the application in the Trusted Files list). Failing that, I open CIS and move it manually to Trusted Files list by using the D+ Unrecognised screen. Then I restart the application unless I know it will not mind being the sandbox. If I’m feeling altruistic, then I’ll submit the application to Comodo as well. :slight_smile:

Hi, thanks, I think you’ve confirmed there’s no way to ‘unsandbox’ something at the time, only sort it out then run the app again if higher rights are necessary.

Hmm, leaves me wondering if it would be neat to have a ‘learning’ procedure where Comodo firewall scans the system…?? Or have I missed that somewhere, or is there a good reason not to? (Online Armor does that, but it also tends to generate too many popups on various levels of interaction of program elements, especially when installing; Comodo seems more sophisticated in some ways).

Maybe the philosophy is most people have startup programs which are scanned, and a few others which can be handled manually as needed… I happen to have quite a lot of installed apps which aren’t automatically started, so expect to see a fair number of these…

But then, ideally I’d be running with reduced rights anyway (oops!,)