Its okay but I'll wait.

I like it and all but I’ll wait until new releases that fixes problems with memory usuage, performance wise etc, cause it slows down system other then most AV’s but your on the right track but just would like it to be computer friendly and not hoggin it all.

We did not face any slowdown of system if CAV is installed. If there is more than one AV then you may face drastic slow down of your system. This behaviour is because of multiple scanning of the same file by On-Access scanner/Real-Time protection. If you have installed CAV alone without any other AV installed, let us know upto what extent it does slowdown your system and what is your system configuration.


I’ve installed CAV alongside AVG. AVG real time component has been disabled, CAV real time enabled and I haven’t found any slowdown at all. No increased memory or CPU usage - that side of things seems quite tight. On demand scanning speed? That’s another matter (see other posts).

ewen :slight_smile: