It's my son's b-day today!

My son turns 9 today! (:LOV)

Good thing I remembered to buy a present, or my wife would have pwned me… :■■■■

Happy birthday to your son. What are you doing here, then - go throw a party and play with kids - that would have to beat geektyping hands down!

All the best to him.

Ewen -)

Happy birthday to your son.


Happy Birthday to your son m0ng0d :smiley:

Wish him a happy B-day! Same B-day as CAV 2. :wink:


oooh, sharp eyes Paul

Wishing you son a Rockin’ birthday ever!
And post some party pic will ya! :■■■■

Yes, as long as i’m not looking for the little lock in the lock topic action. :wink: Birthday stuff all done? Or this weekend? I like as they get older, the birthday parties are easier. Less friends, able to wipe their own noses, “well some” lol. My 19 month little girl slept in her new “real” bed tonight. She wouldn’t let go of the crib but we had to obviously. I don’t know about your kids but mine don’t take well to losing a personal item such as a blanket or crib. First the screaming began , then da da da, so I ended up holding her hand for about half an hour while she laid there. I was wondering if she would sleep or not. Finally she pulls her blanket off her foot, lifts her foot up for me to rub. By this point, I think I was being taken for granted. She did finally go to sleep but holy cow, did you go through this? I have with all 3 kids!



Happy Birthday to your son! Remembering to backup your digital memories to CD or DVD Disks will be the best memory!