It's impossible to stop Comodo Antivirus

Sometimes it’s necessary to disable Comodo Antivirus so that it doesn’t compromises the right functioning of other programs, for example a scan in progress by another antivirus/antimalware program.

Yesterday I did a test.
I created a simple BAT file, then I disabled Comodo to verify how that BAT file would have worked. In the tray icon of Comodo I disabled Antivirus, then Behavior Blocking, then I closed the tray icon by Exit.
Comodo seemed completely stopped.
When I started the BAT file, it didn’t work well. I saw only the Dos window and the blinking cursor. That’s all. Comodo Antivirus still stopped the program.

Is there a way to really stop Comodo?

Hi Giampy,
If you know the .bat file is safe and in your case you are the creator, manually add it to the trusted files list.
Adding files to Trusted Files list

Note: It maybe already in the Unrecognized Files list, which if it is you have the option to move it to trusted.
Move from the Unrecognized Files list

Could you please do the same test, BUT DONT ‘close the tray icon by Exit’.
And please report back.

It definitely does slow down scanning with Malwarebytes. Disabling CAV makes the MBAM scan 5 times faster at least. This happens with other AV products as well but not to the extent it does with CAV.

It’s always a good idea to disable any real-time scanning applications when running a scan with another product. Of course there’s going to be a performance hit when an on-access scanner wants to also scan every file that another scanner is attempting to scan…

And a note to the OP, selecting Exit from the tray icon merely closes the GUI. Any protections in place will continue to function if the GUI is closed.

If you want to see if any part of CIS is still operating, you will need to look in the task manager to see if any processes are still running. If you wish, you can end the processes from there.

The empty Dos window and the blinking cursor appear again, but in addition Comodo shows the typical warning window. It says that .bat file is trying to access to disk and it asks me what I want to do.

Components of Comodo can’t be ended from task manager: access denied.

Yes, that means COMODO is isolating the BAT file and will not allow it to execute more than it needs.
Why don’t you add the BAT file to the trusted list?