Its EasyVPN/Unite now free for commercial use?

Hi, I was reading this thread:

But now, even at Comodos website you can get Comodo Unite free for small and medium businesses.

Does this mean that it is now free for both, personal and commercial use?
Will it keep that way? Or soon when the new version is launched it will be back as a paid version for commercial use?

I am asking, since I have installed it for the first time, and it askes me to enter a key license.
I supposed this request is prepared for the near future, so we pay when using it for commercial?

I think you can skip the license key part and just forget about it.

Yes, I can.

But I dont want to face later a problem, when Companies here have COMODO UNITED installed and then they all of the sudden have to pay every year.

Thats why I want to make sure if its ALWAYS going to be free for personal and commerce use.

Don’t worry. Unite is still beta software which may hold quirks like this.

Unfortunately no-one knows the future.

It’s free now, but there is always the chance that that could change in the future.

Ewen :slight_smile:

Alright, all your comments sound like UNITE its going to have a price after all for commercial use.
Its different with CIS that every where you read, says FREE FOR LIFE (I know that there are some versions of CIS that have prices, but in still in those scenarios CIS its free and other products attached are sold: GeekBuddy, TrustConnect, etc).

Hopefully its not that expensive when COMODO start charging for commercial use. Using the same previous prices would make them loose the battle against TeamViewer.

how much should we charge?

Hopefully its not that expensive when COMODO start charging for commercial use. Using the same previous prices would make them loose the battle against TeamViewer.

Yep, I discovered that there is Desktop Sharing/App sharing/Web browser sharing and now i love it :slight_smile:

It’s complex:

1. IM software, - so far very good.

2.Remote control, - when your friend ask you for a help you can qucik give him professional support :-TU

3.VPN software. - faster that hamachi i’ve heard

made by Comodo…who wants more?! :slight_smile:

The only problem is that it doesn’t support the most popular IM protocol in Poland so i still have to use my old IM… and so far I have only 2 friends on CU

I think majority its always looking, besides top features, price and availability (number of installs for each license).

In order to gratify majority, dont you think would be better to include UNITE in CIS PRO and/or COMPLETE? And change the price model for those who dont pay for CIS?

  1. I personally dont like paying for 1 software (CIS) and then pay again for 1 other software (UNITE), when I am purchasing these software to the same company. If I am a HOME user, CIS PRO or COMPLETE will allow me to install in 3 PCs. Why not add UNITE allowing the install in the same 3 PCs? (PAID HOME USERS HAPPY)

  2. Same thing could happen with COMMERCIAL use. Why not include UNITE within every ESM license? If I purchase a EMS license for 100 PCs, then it would be great to be allowed the install of UNITE in 100PCs. (PAID BUSINESS USERS HAPPY)
    I even think ESM can handle a low price increase for each endpoints if you want to include UNITE for good and make some profit.

Whith this 2 suggestions, paid customers get happy. No more charges for a great product.
What about users that have free versions?

  1. Of course, not every COMODO user has paid products. Some have free Firewall, CIS PREMIUM, as we all know. In this case I would think that allowing UNITE to be purchased for 1 fixed price (not annual renewal) for life would be great. And if revenue its the idea, when a new major version update its available (i.e: from 2.x to 3.x), then a percentage of the first fixed payment would be reasonable. (THE REST OF THE USERS HAPPY)

UNITE its really a great product, even more when it became available with the 3rd Party IM integration.
All said, UNITE its not the kind of software to be paid yearly, specially when there are other free IM out there (even knowing that UNITE its secure and has the Remote Control feature included).

Keeping FREE UNITE for personal use its always plus. And for commercial use, its somehow fair to include in other product licenses. And when purchasing separately, 1 fix price for a life license its original and not too expensive.

This is only a concept that I think myself would be great for end users to receive all they need for securing their personal/business IM. And for COMODO? Receive good profits, since more users will have UNITE installed (free advertising).

Thats my personal concept. :a0