It's all his fault

See the guy in my avatar? It’s all his fault that I’m a video game addict. If it weren’t for him and his girlfriend, I might actually have a life today. Rot in Hyrule Hell, Link


What video game is that? :stuck_out_tongue:

You have to be kidding me. He’s the character that started the whole genre of adventure/rpg gaming. It’s the one and only Link, from the Legend of Zelda series. That particular version of him is from Legend of Zelda:The Ocarina of Time which was a later release in the series. He of course looked much different in the original 8 bit Nintendo Entertainment System games. I thought every gamer knew who Link was.

I play online Java and flash games. 88)

And Rome: Total War. But that is it. And I’m not going to get started on gaming again. >:(

It’s all cause of me that you play Rome ;D

Call of Duty Xbox Live!!!

I will kick all your butts! ;D

No, really, I will.


Crysis!! FTW!!

BJ Blascowicz could whip his ■■■ in a Chuck Norris instant - BFG or no.

Yeah…it is. :stuck_out_tongue: (Hard for me to admit ;D)

If you can catch me first. 88)

I don’t like a crisis.


BJ certainly is the man, especially if its ■■■■s your after woopin! O0

Currently playing the newish one on the xbox 360, its actually pretty similar to the original(which imo was groundbreaking for its time), the MP40 is still the dogs ■■■■■■…

The new is ■■■■. They tried to COD the ■■■■ out of it. ;D I mean, it’s a decent shooter, but I expected more. MP 44 SturmGewehr FTW. 8)

Icon and Hutic #2 in Australia -My best friend and his brother ;D