It's a real bug

Hello Comodo!I was using your internet security for quite a time now and was really pleased by it…But updater told me that update for internet security is now available,so I update it and first what I have noticed,that it have a new appearence…sorry about it,but I disliked it,the odl one was much better.The problem is,tha when I started a program from uniblue software,the updated defence+has blocked it,it never done this before as I remember…ok,that not the panic,I was thinking that I can disable this block,but everytime when I try to move this task into trusted files it has told me that it is in trusted files already…Ok I was needing that program to start,so I turned off internet security for a while,but still I wasn’t able to launch it…The real problem is,that when I turned on internet security again,it has blocked all my programs and my computer,just stopped working,so I wasn’t able to turn it off"normally",and I turned it off by pluging it off…When I started system again,the same problem occurs at the start-everything is blocked and computer just don’t do anything,so I needed to plug it off again…All that I was lefting to do is to restore the system at previous date…So what is this anyway?You know,I don’t want to kill my machine by doing it,and now antivirus just don’t working,so I need answer fast,or I will find another antivirus,I don’t want another antivirus,cause I like yours,so please answer me fast!

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I don’t really get what you problem is (sorry if it sounds rude, didn’t mean to). If popups come up accept them and CIS won’t ask you again (can happen that it asks twice e.g Deamons Tools Lite due to buffer overflow). Can you tell me what programs you’re using and it’s recommended that you uninstall the previous version of CIS before you install the newest version.


Thank you for your advice ;D Well yes,I haven’t uninstalled the previous version,it’s just updated the old version by itself,maybe this was my problem 88) But I have found another solution,I didn’t noticed that old version was saved in programdata/comodo downloader directory…So I just deleted the new version and installed the old one,I just like old one’s design ;D And everything working properly again and very smoothly ;D I was trying other Internet securities-Trend Micro-the worsest >:( ,Kaspersky and Norton which was better than others,but they were having only antivirus and firewall plus they were payable and I was not pleased by their service >:( I’m working with a big amount of unknown software,and I need a good antivirus,so I searched and found Comodo,and first what I have noticed that it have very good addition defence+,yes,others don’t have it ;D it is a very good addition,10 times better then windows defender :-TU So far your Internet security is No.1,and I’m recommending it to my friends,+ for Comodo ;D :-TU