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So what is it?

Yeah I don’t play games, so let’s hear it ;D

DND = Dungeons & Dragons?

DND - Do Not Destroy?

DND Wikipedia

Well… that DND certainly wouldn’t need any fancy graphics or anything. :smiley: It’s been years decades since I played that.

Well, is not that! (:NRD)
There isn’t much to wait, as we’ll release it very soon! :THNK

I can only say it’s for PC gamers… (:KWL)


DND - Do Not Disturb?

DND - Do Not Download? And based on the animated background at the site… Cloud Gaming.

Cloud gaming like this or this?

Domain Name Database

Station sounds like 'Play’Station so it could be a cloud gamestation…

Who has entered their email?

DND = Dungeon and Dragons… :smiley: or Disrtributed Network Destruction :stuck_out_tongue:


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Have you been talking to Melih recently? I’m beginning to sense some teasing here. :smiley:

I did.

So have I, so time will/might tell. :slight_smile:

It’s probably not best to complain about being accused of trolling by… erm… trolling and post poisoning. :-\

This is your final warning from me.