itchhk.dll / Heur.Pck.tElock[at]-1

itchhk.dll belongs to logitech itouch software

xp pro fully updated

CIS 4 av/fw/d+ AV-database 4608

FP on startup

One thing i have noticed if i scan the dll file manually the AV does not detect any problems but on startup it does

Hi sbear2000,

Thank you for posting this. We’ll check the file and get back to you soon.

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CIS4 is detecting the dll on the memory scan on bootup.uncheck scan memory and the av dont detect it

Hi sbear2000,

first,thank you very much for your report.
But I can not verify the fact you said,in order to solve this problem, I need you provide details as this file gets detected,such as screenshots of alert, etc.
thank you very much.


I figured out that in my case with itchhk.dll the fp was caused by process lasso.had to exclude the dll and all is good

thanks for the help