itchhk.dll / Heur.Pck.tElock@-1


The file itchhk.dll belongs to logitech itouch software and i get false alerts for this since the first version of Comodo-AV-software… In the past I put it in “my own safe files” and didn’t bother because the alerts stopped…

Since the new release this doesn’t work anymore and I always get several warnings at each startup… When windows has finished “start up”, putting it in my own safe files each warning, the alers stop.

I have windows XP and the AV-database is up to date (4606).

I think this is a false positive.

Ps.: I’ve reported this as a false positive to Comodo (“The sample you submitted as false positive is not detected by Comodo Internet Security version 4596 with database version 4.0.141842.828.”)

Hello cohai74,

Thank you for posting this. We’ll check the file and get back to you soon.

Best regards,