It wont update....

I installed this last night after reading about it on my firewall and anyways it wont update it keeps saying its NOT avaiable… is there a trick im missing?

there must be a problem, somewhere… you could check your firewall-rules… i just ran the updater and it updated without a problem…

Did you try the solutions mentioned under “Update Issues” in “FAQ: Requests & Input” ?

Greetz, Red.

I would like to add my own observations on the update problem.

I have followed to FAQ with regard to possible solutions and so far BOCLEAN will not update. I have even gone as far as closing down all services for AV, HIPS and Firewall so for brief moments my only protection was a NAT enabled router. In one attempt I even reconfigured that to a non NAT state.

From the router logs and the firewall logs I can see it connecting then it makes a data request then thats it, it appears to time out.

I have used WSFTP to connect to nsdownloads \pub directory and have got the update that way, but trying a windows “wget” still does not retrieve the file. The wget log is as follows:

=> `boc424.xvu’
Connecting to||:21… connected.
Logging in as anonymous … Logged in!
==> SYST … done. ==> PWD … done.
==> TYPE I … done. ==> CWD /pub … done.
==> PASV … couldn’t connect to port 50841: Connection timed out
Giving up.

With an extended connection timeout of 60 seconds the last line becomes
==> PASV … couldn’t connect to port 52564: No such file or directory

Any thoughts.

Windows XP SP2, plus all recent updates. Logged on as administrator and as a user with admin rights
Agnitum Firewall, Avast AV, with System Safety Monitor for HIPS.