It... simply doesn't work?

I’ve recently formatted my pc’s only harddrive, to make a new start from scratch. After installing windows XP, drivers, office, firefox, chrome and a few other basic programs, I’ve iinstalled comodo firewall for the first time.

That was 2 days ago. Yesterday, everything was still working fine, I actually liked what I saw so far, but when I started my pc today, comodo no longer started automatically. After manually opening it, I couldn’t do anything inside the program. My application monitor is turned off, my component monitor is turned off, my network monitor is turned off and so is the application behavior analysis. I can’t turn them on, I can’t add, edit or remove any rules, I simply can’t do anything at all. Except for checking for updates, but no updates are available, so I must have the latest version.
When I finally get a warning message that the application monitor (etc.) no longer works, I’m supposed to re-install comodo, which might fix the problem.

Sure… So I go to control panel, add/remove software and try to remove comodo. Even though I’ve just started the firewall, windows claims the program is already uninstalled and “asks” me if I want to remove the program from the list. So I decide to download comodo again and see what happens if I install it again. The setup tells me I first need to uninstall comodo and then asks me if I want to uninstall it now. So I press “Ok”. Nothing happens. Again, I try manually uninstalling, but ofcourse, the program is no longer in the software list.

In other words, I now have a comodo firewall that isn’t working at all and I can’t even remove it.

I’m using:
Windows XP Home
256 Mb RAM
1,5 Ghz single core
38 gig harddrive (32 gig free, as I said, I formatted it 2 days ago)
Windows firewall turned off
Avast! antivirus running in background
scriptTrap as well

Strangely enough, I haven’t installed any new programs after installing comodo firewall, so it has worked 1 day and then just stopped working.

I was planning to install this at my “new” pc as well, but I no longer feel like doing so…

(oh, and I posted it at bug report because I didn’t know where else to post it.)

What version of Comodo are you using? Why did you reformat? Were you having some sort of problem? Did you do a complete low level format? 256 RAM isnt enough now a days either. Did you install all your Windows Updates? Did you read this thread under important topics?

I’m running version 3.0 (latest version according to auto-updater)
I did a complete low level format, cause I previously had windows 2000 installed and needed XP for my w-lan to work correctly, and the pc was slowed down a lot by malware. So I figured the easiest way was to simply start from scratch.
I only have 256 mb ram cause this pc is pretty old. Upgrading it now seems pretty useless. If I need to use more demanding programs, I’ll simply use my other pc. Nevertheless, the firewall did work for 1 day, and there’s no reason for it to simply stop working, since the minimum system requirements, according to the site, is 64mb.
I have SP2 installed.

I’ll try the instructions at the thread you’ve given me tomorrow, but I have to go now.

Please tell me that version. Its more then just 3.0. It should be RAM is the cheapest upgrade you can do to a pc. You can get a gig for less then $100 if not cheaper.