it seems the anti-virus doesn't stop scanning

I have windows 7 version 7260 86x

When I scan this folder it seems like it’s stuck scanning the same thing over and over again. I click on “stop scanning” but it ignores it. I can exit comodo, then start it back up again. I go to scan another folder comodo anti-virus says" it’s busy with another task right now" (This is after shuting down comodo then restarting it again.

I can download a remote desktop program, so comodo can check out this bug and see for themself, if it would help

Looks like cmdagent.exe crashed while scanning, can you please verify the eventlog and lookup the cmdagent crash and post it here together with the other need system info for reporting bugs ?

eventlog and lookup the cmdagent crash and post it here together with the other need system info for reporting bugs ?
No problem, but how do I do that???? :)

Press start, click run and type eventvwr and press ENTER
Now have a look around for the red error shields and see what’s in it…

how do I tranfer it over
how do I give you a copy of the log files

can you just select the text and copy past it here ? from the crash message that is…

You are running 3.11 i assume ?

I don’t see a crash message and yes 3.11 version

I’ll be back in one hour :slight_smile:

Sorry people, I think its my computer that’s causing the problem. I’m reformanting the computer.

Well basically it’s now a part of excluding what’s causing the crash.
Can you use the right-click menu and use the scanner to scan only

\Program files
and after that
\Documents and Settings or \ProgramData depending on your version.
and so on

Once you find that it only crashes in say \windows you can start to scan \windows\folder1 and so on to see if you can pin-point the problem, if you don’t you could set \windows to the AV exclusion list but i don’t think that would be really wise to do because to many viruses drop files there.

I’m sorry, my computer was also beginning to slowly started to get massive memory spikes and almost always 100% cpu usage (services.exe) and more then the normal amount of svchost.exe files. I had to kill the internet. I could have spend a couple of hours figuring it out, but I took the lazy way out and I’m reformating the computer. Half of my programs are completely portable so installation should be a breeze

If anything else comes up I’ll give you a buzz. :-TU I thank you for trying to help :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Okay, no problem… a fresh starts get’s things back to speed :wink:

I’ve had very similar problem today, a scheduled scan’s stuck on one file (by the time I’ve noticed it, there already was no HDD activity), pressing Stop only disabled buttons. At the same time, the whole system’s become crippled, random apps stopped responding, I couldn’t even bring on task manager. In the end I just had to hard-reset.

It’s not the 1st time I get this, I just thought it could be due to low performance power settings, but today I was on normal settings and it still happened.

Apparently, it doesn’t do it every time thoguh, I’ve noticed the file name the scan’s stuck on today, and last week the scan completed successfully, and I’m 100% sure that file was there. Manual scan of a folder with that file was successful, too.

I’ve checked Event Viewer and haven’t found any errors related to Comodo, at least in Application and System logs…

I have CIS v3.12.111745.560, according to About dialog box.

Most of the times the file displayed on the GUI is not the file actually being scanned, it’s more like a list that shows after scan so you can’t pin it down to that specific file display. The scanner probably already crashed or got corrupted earlier in the process. If it becomes unresponsive please check it’s memory and cpu usage of cmdagent.exe with tools like sysinternals Process Explorer, if it goes sky high on memory something is wrong somewhere while scanning some file(s).

I seem to have a similar problem {WinXP Pro SP2, Comodo 3.12.*} Over 24 hours ago, a “Scheduled Scan” started. I left it (and other things) running and went to bed. When I got up, it appeared stuck on a single file. I continued about my business, waiting for it to update. When, several hours later, it hadn’t, I looked to these forums. I found a subject labeled “Anti-Virus Scan Freezes” which had some advice relating to debugging this problem.

Looking at it with Procmon, I found that although its display was partially frozen {the spinning glass and the duration counter kept up}, cmdagent.exe was continuing to access files. At 15 seconds after midnight, the Duration reset to zero. After a while, I mistakenly clicked the X in the upper right corner of the dialog to kill the scan, but that merely disabled the “Pause” and “Stop Scan” buttons (which are now greyed out). Four threads exited, but 31 remain running.

I checked the eventlog, but the most recent thing is more than three days old, well prior to the start of the Scheduled scan.

Using Process Explorer, I attempted to kill and pause cmdagent.exe, but was denied access, even under administrative priveledge level account.

Since it isn’t using up much CPU time (0-6%), I’m going to let it continue overnight and see if it can complete in 36 hours.

Ok, today’s scheduled scan crashed again. There’s no cmdagent error in event viewer, I also had Process Explorer window open with performance graphs of cmdagent.exe, everything seemed to be as normal…

I’ve also seen a post about DEP, but after taking a look I’ve found I already had it set on protecting only windows services. I also tried to manually exclude cmdagent.exe from DEP, but apparently it doesn’t work on x64 programs.

What does it display if it “crashes” can you provide a screenshot ?

Well, I must’ve explained it wrong, it doesn’t visibly crash, just stop scanning, as described in posts above.

Can you reproduce this with a manual scan ?

If so are you familiar with the tool Process Monitor ? we could monitor cmdagent.exe with it and see if it “stalls” on the same files/folders every time…

I’ll try running manual scan with procmon running and post back. The problem is, the scan takes several hours on my laptop, so I’ll have to leave it running while I’m off to work.

As for same files/folders, I’ve tried to manually scan just the folder the scheduled scan stuck on last time and it completed successfully, so I guess the files might not be the cause…

I’m having what looks like the same problem, on an IBM ThinkCentre PC running Windows XP SP3 with 2.5GB RAM and Comodo 3.12.

I’ve tried several times over the last few days to complete a scan, but after a while (usually just after 40,000 files or so) the program hangs. Event Viewer shows no application errors apart from when I attempt to terminate the program with ProcMon.