It seems that CIS does not work well with my sound card driver

I solved this problem myself at last.It’t not caused by comodo.So,sorry,guys.

Several days ago,I stop a system service named MMCSS,that’s the point.Today,I set this service run automaticly,the problem gone.Maybe the service is to adjust the windows audio service and other applications.

Thanks to everyone all the same.

If I browse a web page or save rules for comodo when playing music,the music frequently pause for a very short time

My OS is vista business with sp1,sound card is realtek 883(on board).

I didn’t install the av.I’m using nod32 instead.

I tried different players,such as wmp,foobar2000 and I tried several versions of drivers,the problem just exist. (:AGY)

somebody help me?

It could also be due to a virus infection that your browser loads music files slow…

Try do scan with those apps…

But it might as well not be the case… :-\ :-\ Do you think that your computer in general is running slow?