it seems comodo is incompatible with bufferzone pro??


I have started using bufferzone pro for protection and it seems I had to uninstall comodo in-order for my pc to boot-up to windows. I tried comodo AV instead and the same thing and also tried comodo firewall and same thing. SO am forced to use windows firewall plus another antivirus to compensate. I guess this the end for my comodo using. Its a shame because I like comodo. Unless comodo fixes this issue then it would be great if it would make it compatible with bufferzone pro.

I think the bufferzone people are working towards it.

There is also a topic prior to this also containing links to some posts elsewhere that can give you an idea also. Might you see here:;msg579230

Why no use Sandboxie free instead? The rest of the way you can use CIS’s sandbox…or GesWall…?

If you take a look at the post there, the OP found something about BZ there.

I doubt it if Trustware people will have a fix yet. I remember when I contacted them through email about the same issue I had they where more into “making BZ work on most 3rd party firewall” but did not touch my specific point on the same CIS issue I had. The latest BZ claims that you can now disable BZ’s firewall etc.

You may also take a look here about the HIPS issue with BZ.

This FAQ may help you: Making other security programs work with CIS .

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