It just doesn't work

Well, after finding so many with the same kind of problems and no answer I’m going to have to remove Comodo and try something nice. Shame because it was a very good application.

The basic problem is it blocks everything in the tree when all you want to do is block the child and it also randomly blocks internet connection for some unknown reason (caused by the behaviour analysis I presume), forcing a reset, and to make matters worse it doesn’t even add stuff banned to the appliation list.

Here’s an example:

  1. I start up Microsoft money and it asks to connect to the internet, so I say No. Not only does it block Money but it blocks the parent applications, svchost.exe. This then kills my entire connection to the internet.

  2. I block an application (using firefox via OLE), it also kills Firefox.

  3. I’m on the internet and all of a sudden Comodo starts blocking everthing.