it is strange indeed!

Hi i have wonderful problem…when my windows start i see i comodo password request windows …it is like a fake…i see this windows when i release my computer for a 15 or 20 min too!..some body hacked my windows and comodo too?! it is a bug?! it is fake?!
i use windows 7
comodo firewall+antivirus v:5.5.195786.1383

This sounds awfully like CIS’s is Parental Control is on (password protected) and that the -h flag (start hidden) is missing off the CFP.EXE autostart line. This would cause CFP.EXE (the front-end GUI) to open on start-up and prompt for the password because of the Parental Control.

i do not understand your mean exactly but tell me what i must to do?is there any solution for this problem and should be solved or it does not matter?

To confirm this issue: Disable CIS’s Parental Control & reboot. CIS’s front-end should open on start-up without any password prompt.

i do this and i do not see comodo password request windows
but is should be a bug and must will be fix and it may be a program check the comodo password on every start up and when when the password is not set yet do not show any thing…

I’m not sure what you mean… with the option Enable password protection for settings set, it will (or should) prompt for a password when CFP is opened and that’s what it did… unless I’m misunderstanding you?

The reason that CIS is appearing on start-up (boot) is because the -h flag is missing off CFP.EXE’s startup entry. When CIS is installed the startup line “C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe” -h is created in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run. In your case, for some unknown reason (possibly another security application or a registry cleaner), that flag is missing.

You can restore that flag by downloading and running AutoRuns [], once it’s finished scanning go to the Logon tab (second tab). Select COMODO Internet Security, right click & select “Jump to…”. This will open RegEdit and scroll to the entry in question. Right click COMODO Internet Security and select Modify. And ensure the entry looks like the following (assuming you have CIS installed in the default location)…

[i]"C:\Program Files\COMODO\COMODO Internet Security\cfp.exe" -h[/i]

… click OK. Close RegEdit & AutoRuns, reboot and all should be OK.

Alternatively, if you know how to use RegEdit already, then you can skip the AutoRuns part & just do it manually yourself.

There is something not quite right here because the password required box is not for CIS.
CIS Password box has C Logo for Comodo, see screenshot.

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Good catch capt’n… I didn’t notice that.

Thanks Kail and also even during the time of password required it does show password required in the taskbar.

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my mean is exactly this :-TU
What do you think about this?
i am worried ???

Hi Amin,
Sorry I am not sure what is happening, it has rattled my brain.
Lets hope Kail or someone can come up with something, because it appears strange for sure.
Sorry I am not much help, but I am still thinking rattle rattle.

Download & run Process Explorer []. Get that password prompt again use Process Explorer’s Find Window’s Process (cross hairs/scope icon) to see which process created it, what that process is and how it started. Process Explorer will show you all this.

What are you guys comparing to, I’m not seeing a pic from the OP?


I could not either click modify then click on the back button.


Maybe your browsers don’t like the hosting site (it does seem to display the image a little oddly)… how about this?

i do this and i show the result as photo


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Comodo Secure DNS was blocking it.


Umm… cis9883.exe? -PostUninstall? That does look odd., the Temp folder isn’t something that CIS uses. Are you using CESM or something? Where did you get the CIS 5.5 install? What’s the details of this task (use W7’s Task Scheduler)?

Also, you could use AutoRuns (see above) to see what’s running on start-up.

PS Post your images full sized, don’t worry about them going off the screen.


Recommend you upload (attach) the images to the forums, like this (below)…

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I do no know what is cesm , what is that? i get comodo from it version is 5,5,64714,1383 and on comodo about is different! I show the task win,s 7 task in photo…i do not know how to attach photo to forum…

Could you next time post images in 32 bits .png format? That will give better resolution images.