IT experts are resorting to some simple techniques to secure their webcams...

Many Australian and international IT security experts are using Post-it notes, electrical tape, Band-Aids and even cigarette papers to secure their computer web cameras from hackers.

The phenomenon was discovered after security experts were asked a simple question that arose after publishing a story about unsuspecting victims who become “RATted” by hackers who use Remote Administration Tools, or “RATs”, to spy on them.

In many cases hackers who use RATs can switch on a victim’s web camera or microphone after infecting them.

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Q: What do you do? For me I hope that I never get infected on the first place with CIS. As for webcam protection I use Zemana for now. But I won’t cover my webcam… What about you? Do you cover your webcam or use something else? Or you can’t care less?

I think I used the most effective technique of them all… I unplugged my webcam since I have never ever used it.

That would probably violate your warranty if it was a laptop with a ‘build in’ cam :wink:

Nah I don’t use a laptop, I prefer building my own desktops.

I see. Yeah simple as that. I just wonder if you do use your webcam. I use laptop with a built in webcam most of the time.

Well I have used it only a few times but if I have to use it I just plug it back in and then unplug it when I’m done. It’s both from a security point of view and my situation of “I NEED MORE USB PORTS GOD DANG IT!”