It Blocked Winamp Radio - Help

[b]Hi gang, New here and I need some help.

Right after I installed COMODO I tried to listen
to SKY.FM and I must have blocked Winamp.

Now, I don’t know how to unblock it.

Can anybody help me?

I appreciate it.


I use Winamp all the time with no issues. If you blocked it by mistake you need to look in 2 places. Look in Firewall/Advanced/Network Secuirty Policy and also D+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy.

If I uninstall COMODO will it put all settings back to where they were before I mucked it up?

No need to do that. Just do what i said. If you want to uninstall use Revo Uninstaller in Advanced mode. When Comodo says reboot, dont, and delete all registry and program files Revo finds. Reboot and install Comodo again. Winamp is whitelisted so you should not have gotten any pop ups for it.

I still need help here. I am new to this app and I do not know how to find, “Firewall/Advanced/Network Secuirty Policy and also D+/Advanced/Computer Security Policy”.

I would like a place where I can turn off the block of Winamp. Is there a way to do that?

Or just tell me how to find what you suggested. It isn’t easy.

I’m beginning to regret my association with this application. It is not very user friendly. It isn’t made for the common man, is it? Easy for you computer guys, ■■■■■■ difficult for the rest of us.

I did tell you. Click the Firewall button on top. Click the Advanced button next. Click Network Security Policy. Find the Winamp listing. Do the same for D+. Just open up Comodo and its all right there in front of you if you explorer.

Thank you for your patience. I found the block, right clicked on it and clicked remove. Should that do it?

No dont remove just edit it to allow or trusted. Is it in firewall or D+. You may need to reboot also.

I already removed it. What now?