I was playing Diablo III and i take a screenshot. When i opened the folder to see it i saw that it was “Shared” on the “Stat” tab, i opened the properties (I’m not in a network in my home) then there was a group once called “S-1-5-21-3665400223-214621558-1013” then it rappidly changed its name to “ISW_RESTRICTED_GROUP(USER_ISW_RESTRICTED_GROUP_)”.
When i try to remove a message saying somethin such as “Inheritance from father” or something like that. I managed to remove it from the “Advanced” options, but it removed all my other groups permissions. Such as Administrator and others.
This is happening since 02/09/13 and only in the Diablo III screenshots…

I read in a help forum that it another firewall program would do this, but i don’t use that firewall, i use COMODO.
So, my question is: Does COMODO have anything about this?

Thank you.
I’ll upload some screenshots, my Windows 7 is on portuguese, so, sorry about that…

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I guess you’ve installed Zone Alarm at some time, as this group is part of their ForceFiled virtualisation product. Unfortunately, it was left behind when you removed ZA.

There are some Zone Alarm removal tools around, maybe one of those will remove this group. You could also try deleting the group from User and Groups>

  1. With an administrative account run compmgmt.msc
  2. Expand Local Users and Groups
  3. Select Groups
  4. Delete _ISW_RESTRICTED_GROUP if it exists

Hey, there! Thank you, that really helped me!
(Getting the “IP one second posted” error a lot in here…)