Istanbul marathon SSL security certificate


If there are any runners out there entering the Istanbul marathon be careful when entering the race as the credit card payment page (which carries the comodo log) is actually completely unsecure and, I think, using the logo illegally

Are talkin’ about this site : En İyi Online ve Canlı Bahis Siteleri - Güncel ve Güvenilir Bilgiler ?

yes thats the one-have a look at it. I wonder if there is anything comodo can do to put it right

I ask the website about SSL certificate via “contact us” and I mailed them, you can do the same…

They said:

Comodo Positive SSL is used in our system. The lock symbol does not appearing the browser because it is an iframe . Any bank account does not allow opening a virtualpos without SSL Security Pack. For 6 years, we use the same recording system safely.

I’m not an expert on this subject just trying to help you. I hope you can get your answer in their answer.


Assuming this response is truthful, their use of the logo would be accurate and there’s not much Comodo can do about that.

They do however, have SSL implemented terribly, against every possible best practise, and I would absolutely not trust that site with a password let alone credit card details.