Issues with WOC Block for 2 weeks now

For two weeks now Comodo has been blocking Windows Operating System IGMP
Source -
Destination -

Lynksys Router
Surfboard Modem

I have not changed any settings and have been using Comodo for a while
Google the source and it looks like others experiencing same thing on some gaming forum called WOW and in the same city that I live. Read the forum and noone has come up with a solution other than it must be a problem with Brighthouse but its
impossible to talk to someone there that can respond with something other than “I am not showing an outage in your
neighborhood” Its about a thousand or more blocks per day. I dont see how it can be the ISP becasue I use the same settings on my desktop shared computer and its not blocking. Im only seeing this on my laptop.
Avast, Spyware blaster and spybot were all clean.

It’s not a problem with anything, although I’m at a loss as to why it’s only now being logged by CFP.

What it is, is your router telling your LAN “Hi, everbody! I’m a router!”

The destination address of is a LAN-only broadcast address (called a “multicast” address), that has a predefined use of “all hosts on this LAN”. Your Linksys router is trying to inform all the machines and devices on your LAN that it is on-line and working as a router. That’s what it is supposed to do.

The IGMP protocol is an Internet protocol that is used manage multicast addresses. Your router is tryng to join the “all routers on this LAN” group that is predefined as IP address

CFP should allow all traffic (both inbound and outbound) to the destination address range (and only the destination address range, as these can never be a source address) of thru