Issues with user interface (CIS)


I have a major gripe about the user interface of CIS. It’s been bothering me for some time now, and I’m finally fed up enough to post about it. >:( >:( >:(

Whenever I look at any of the “lists” in the program, such as the “Application Rules” within “Network Security Policy” on the “Firewall” tab of Comodo Firewall, many of the lists are so long and so poorly formatted that it becomes impossible to pick out any given item from the mess. It’s not possible to sort the lists in ANY way (they seem to be listed in random order, or perhaps in the order entries were added), and what’s more, “treeview” style lists (such as the aforementioned “Application Rules”) are fully expanded by default, which only adds to the visual clutter.

I can’t begin to describe how frustrating it is to try and find ANYthing in these lists. My only option is to s-l-o-w-l-y scroll through the list as i read each and every single one of the hundreds of entries, until I find the one I want.

So, I want some changes to be made:

  • All dialogs in the program should have a SEARCH function, which will zip right to any matching entries. (Naturally, there should be buttons for “find next” and “find previous”.)
  • Alternatively (or perhaps even together with Search), there should be a FILTER function, which would hide all non-matching entries.
  • All lists should be SORTED by default… by name, or whatever the first column in the list happens to be. And they should be sortable by ANY column. (Inexplicably, the ONLY lists I can find in the program that ARE sortable, are the Firewall and Defense+ Events lists.)
  • Any “treeview” style lists should be collapsed by default, so, for example, in the “Application Rules”, only the application names would be visible at first, NOT all of the individual rule items.

These additions would really go a long way to improving the manageability of CIS. I find it shocking that such functionality isn’t already present.


EDIT: Sorry, I didn’t see the “wishlist” subforum. Moderator, please move this there. Thanks.

I too complained about this recently and was advised that at least it is possible to re-arrange the lists yourself, and that apparently COMODO scans these according to their positions within the lists.

I agree that a Search capability is needed, and among the Sort routines must remain a “sort as scanned” or some such.

I also would like an easy-to-use search capability that is much simpler than that described below.

There is a way to search for entries, BUT it is not intuitive and only works if you know the full pathname of the program you are searching for. It has a built-in auto-complete feature as you type that is hard to describe simply but it works quite well. First, click on the “Application Name” heading, then you can either type the pathname in full, or you can type just the first letter of each component of the pathname followed by a mouse click after each part is generated. As the pathname is generated, a list of matching entries is displayed. Clicking on an entry will generate the rest of the pathname. Press enter after the full pathname is displayed and you will be positioned at the desired entry.

You do NOT want to be able to permanently sort the list because CIS always uses the first matching entry searching in list order. I agree however that it would be useful to view the list in sorted order.