Issues with Syncrosoft License Control Center

I think Comodo System Cleaner messed up my activation of Cubase by cleaning registry entries from Syncrosoft License Control Center.

Now before I proceed, let me mention that I do realize that this is not Comodos fault, I just thought I’d mention it to warn other people. Furthermore, I do know that System Cleaner has an “undo” system but I just didn’t use Cubase for a long time, so it could have happened anywhere between now and 5 months ago.

The problem appears to be that System Cleaner removes registry entries made by Syncrosoft LCC to authenticate and link my copy of Cubase to my system.

That being said, I’m currently in contact with Steinberg’s helpdesk to reactivate my software.
Any hints on how I might prevent the same from happening again?

Thanks in advance and love your products :comodorocks:


Unfortunately we didn’t find any Cubase trial/demo available for download, only a defective 64 bit version, so we couldn’t reproduce your scenario. If you have or find an active link for a functional Cubase trial please provide us with it so we can establish if System Cleaner had anything to do with the activation problem.

Thank you for your support.

Apparently they do not provide downloadable trial versions. However, even if they did I doubt you would be able to reproduce the situation where the software is activated using syncrosoft (as that is not required to use the 30 day trial period).

Thanks for the response, maybe someone else has had the same problem?