Issues with clicking links

I like Dragon, but I’m having some problems involving clicking links on some sites.

For example, when I search for a video on Youtube and then try and use the Sort by drop-down menu in the top right corner, I can’t click on any of the menu options . . . unless I click on the bit of white space to either side of the word instead of on the word itself. Weird, huh?

On other sites, links that are meant to open a new window only work if I double click them, and other links don’t work at all.

I don’t use any extensions that would cause this kind of behaviour, but I’ve tried disabling some extensions that I thought might possibly cause the behaviour anyway, just to check. But doing this didn’t solve my problem. Help?

Which version of CD are you using and on which OS?

I’m using version of Dragon on Windows 7, Service Pack 1.

Well, I found out what was causing these problems. It was an extensions that I didn’t suspect called Scrollbar Anywhere. As the name suggests, this extension lets you scroll a webpage from anywhere on the page, not just using the scrollbar. I had the Don’t drag when clicking on text setting ticked in the option menu and I discovered that that was causing all my link-clicking troubles! So I unticked that setting and everything works as it should now.