Issues with Blue Screen on Windows XP Professional x64 with SP2

When I tried to install Comodo Firewall and pop up show that Driver isn’t compatibility with Windows XP SP2 64-bit. So I clicked “Continue Anyway” at 3 times screen. After complete installed and Comodo Firewall needs to restart my computer.
The blue screen show up after Windows Logo loading and before log in screen. ??? :cry: :o :frowning: :-
Here’s a picture…

I think this driver isn’t compatibility on Windows XP Professional x64 with SP2. Or I think something wrong with this firewall and not able to running FASTER on SSD (only slow like HDD, that’s my opinion).

Please fixing this issues…


Dell OptiPlex 745
Windows 7 Home Premium x64 and XP Professional x64 (Dual Boot)
120GB SSD (Operation System) (52GB for Windows XP & 60GB for Windows 7)
500GB IDE for Storage(in PCI card with 2 IDE ports)
80GB SATA for Music only (in PCI card with 2 IDE ports)
4GB DDR2 RAM Memory
NVIDA GeForce GT 220 1GB PCI-e Graphic Card
Intel Network PCI card
Avira Free Antivir Personal
Comodo Firewall with no DNS.
OpenDNS in a Wireless Router

Windows XP 64 was never a well supported OS, even by Microsoft who wrote it.