Issues with Auto or Manual Updates with Comodo BOClean

Is there a link “https:” to download the update file because firewall and possibly proxy rules prohibits our network from downloading the updates either manually or automatically. However if the file was available to be saved to a location on the local drive it would help the situation. I have poured over many comodo help and other pages but couldnt find a solution to my problem. Is there anyone out there that is faced with similar issues and/or know how to best solve this issue. Remember I cannot change the firewall or proxy rules.


PS: Sorry I must have chosen the wrong area to post this. Please read this as Comodo BOClean issue. I downloaded the product this morning.

There used to be but Kevin discontinued it for some reason.
Hopefully they will reconsider that decision.

I have come up with an interim solution. I have Comodo BOClean installed at two locations one where I can choose either Automatic or Manual upgrades with no rules, and the second location where I’m forced to download the update file via “http://” link. Here’s the workaround till Melih or Kevin or whoever that is designs or makes it available for users with issues such as myself.

Update on the first computer automatically on a daily basis.
Copy the “.xvu” file on a backup media CD/Floppy/Thumbdrive (whateverelse).
Transfer the file from the backup media to the second computer.
(Location or the path name to the file is available from the BOC config window.

Truly hope I don’t have to do this for an extended period of time.

This method is also applicable if you have a LAN, as you can manually download the update to a commonly accessible area of the LAN and change the update location in BOClean’s config.

This way, there is only one internet access (the one that downloads the manual update file) as everyone else gets it from the LAN location. Added bonus is an assured level of consistency across the LAN.

Hope this helps,
Ewen :slight_smile: