Issues in Registering a new account

Good Eve,

I’ve downloaded the Comodo Easy VPN Software and when I tried to register a new account it asked me to wait until creating the account and nothing have changed until now. I`m using windows vista home premium and I turned my anti virus off and insured that the program is allowed in the firewall.

is there any steps that I have missed ?

Hello Mai.
Welcome to the Comodo forums.

I do not use Easy VPN, so I cannot offer the advise you need. The Comodo staff should be able to assist you. You can contact the staff by creating a trouble ticket here:

what you can do it’s tunr OFF UAC under the controll pannel → users account. after this reboot and try it now.

another thing is … many ppl have problems with there email account’s. so solution can be creating new email account (like for example yahoo/gmail) and try to register on tyhis new email.