Issues after internal update to CFP 3.5.54375.427 [RESOLVED]

Issue #1: Thanks to another member’s post on the topic, I discovered I, too, have two entries in Start Up for CFP (both with the switch “-h” on the end): One for the program CFP; the other for CIS (which I don’t have, nor have I ever had it).

Issue #2: I also JUST discovered that when I invoke HELP screens in my GUI now, no longer is the CFP help coming up, but now help screens for CIS are coming up. What’s that all about?

What the heck happened? Did this happen with my last internal update to 3.5.54375.427? Can someone please explain? Better yet, offer a solution for getting the proper help screens back without having to uninstall/reinstall. And perhaps send an “update to your update” to correct this problem without every user having to tamper with the registry?

Someone with more experience can correct me if I’m wrong, but it appears the update is actually Comodo Internet Security v3.5.54375.427. You’ll see this is the version that can be downloaded at: Comodo Firewall | Get Best Personal Firewall Software for $29.99 A Year.

Out of curiosity, is there an entry in add/remove programs for CIS (perhaps not since it is an “update”)? In my case, after recovering from opting for this update, I reinstalled CFP 3.0 and chose not to install it the second time around. In your case, I would tend to think the solution is to uninstall, reinstall CFP 3.0, and choose not to update. If you have set up specific rules, etc you should look into exporting the setting before uninstalling…think I came across this option while trying to resolve some other issues.

This does raise two questions if indeed it is updating CFP to CIS: 1) Why (personally I have my own AV already installed and don’t want a second AV installed)? and 2) What happens when a CFP upgrade is released…will it still try to install this one or bypass it?

Hope this helps at least until you get more definitive info.

Thanks for your reply. There’s no entry for CIS in my Add/Remove Programs. Also nothing but Comodo Firewall when I click Start, All Programs, Comodo (just my usual firewall entry). I did my update manually on my Admin user account through the “Check for Updates” feature in the GUI after getting a CFP “Updates are available” popup message on my limited user desktop.

I REALLY don’t want to uninstall/reinstall if the update on their server was bad. My firewall is functioning OK, I just can’t see the correct help screens if I want to investigate a question. I’m going to wait and see if the Comodo update team doesn’t correct this with another update. Surely they don’t want a bunch of novice-intermediate users (like me) messing with the registry for every single update. Think they outta fix this one on their end, personally.

Agreed - best to wait for the experts.

Still, I did do the update and also tried installing CIS v3.5 out of my own curiosity and hoping maybe it would answer a problem I’m having. It appears the update does update the firewall to v3.5 but has some additional files I’d assume are associated with the antivirus component of CIS v3.5 (unless they’re part of the “Comodo - Antivirus Security” configuration setting). It seemed like the help screens for brought up from the GUI are on topic - the title bar just lists CIS v3.5 (again, assume because this is part of the overall CIS v3.5 installation package). Of course I didn’t look to deeply at them…

So, want to correct my comment about not doing the update. It should be done - I mainly steered clear of it because the first time it did not update correctly and left me unable to run or uninstall it. I ended up having to go back to a previous backup image I had (see the multi post topic from others encountering the same issue).

One observation - it would seem the cleaner route for new users might be to use the CIS v3.5 install and choose not to install the antivirus component. Again, just my thoughts and I leave all this to the experts…

I understand what you are saying, I think. But to the Comodo developers/update techs, when I originally installed CFP 3.0, I recall the installer asking “Do you want to scan your machine for viruses before proceeding?” (think it was even recommended) to which I replied yes. Are you saying in answering that question yes, I actually installed a full AV software (engine and all) onto my system? At no time was THAT made clear on-screen, if that is the case. I certainly would have opted out, as I have Avast Home installed, am quite happy with it, and do not wish any other AV at this time. This scanner scanned my machine and then proceeded to complete my original CFP 3.0 installation. When available, the sofstware updated me successfully to CPF 3.5, again, without a reference to an AV feature opt in/out message during installation. Now, CPF has updated to version 3.5.54375.427. Again, I do not recollect any screen during the update asking me to opt in/out of any AV feature. At no time did I download a full copy of CFP 3.5.54375.427 from any download site after the original 3.0 install. Each update was the normal “updates are available” internal program update execution.

So my question is…is CFP 3.5.54375.427 the firewall only, or the firewall plus a full AV software? And it would appear that in addition to sneaking in a full AV into your FW installer, you guys have also renamed the package that has been dual-faceted software all along? As I said above, I thought the virus scan that was done during my original 3.0 install was not a full-blown AV software but just a scan to be sure my system was clean enough to proceed with the install and nothing of it would be left on my pc when the installation was completed.

Another curiosity…why the heck have I not been having problems with two full AV’s installed on the same PC? I thought that was the proverbial NO-NO that would cause no end of compatability “issues” and crashes, if even a few remnants of an old AV install were lurking on my system.

Sorry to cloud this subject and hopefully the experts will answer soon (I’m waiting on an answer for mine and just thought I’d try to help…and sorry if I’m making things more confusing).

I didn’t mean to imply it installed an antivirus component - originally I thought that might have been the case but retracted that! Only the firewall, and solely the firewall was installed. The choice of installing the av component was only available when running the CIS v3.5 installation package. My point was just that - rather than installing CFP v3.0 and choosing the upgrade to bring it up to v3.5, new users could just use the CIS v3.5 installation package and choose not to install the antivirus component.

You reminded me of something I’d forgotten. The few files I saw related to antivirus likely are run once during install of CFP3. They likely do nothing more than scan at that moment to help set up the package up in a clean environment. Afterwards they will just sit there; doing nothing for realtime virus/malware protection. It looks like the help file is for CIS3, but it’s applicable since CFP3 is part of CIS3 (minus the antivirus component).

Ok, hoping I cleared up some confusion - and that being some I created, I’ll leave the rest to the experts. Good luck!

You ARE clearing up some of my confusion. And thank you so much for your effort. I don’t have a problem with any files just “sitting there” in the background so long as they will not impact my Avast functionality. Hopefully someone on the Comodo team or a moderator willl confirm your suspicions definitively and put my mind totally at rest on this. And you’re probably right, that the portion of the help files dealing with the FW are probably just as before. I was just taken aback by all the Help sections dealing with Antivirus. I’ll have to go spend some time in the Help files and see for myself about the FW pages this evening.

I don’t really mind the renaming of the product either. But a pop up message DURING the update explaining the product’s new name & perhaps a link to the web page that explains the changes more fully would have been nice. Thing is, I don’t visit the forum so often these days since my FW and Defense+ are running so smoothly on my system.

Anyway…Thanks for your efforts explaining and clarifiying how you see the changes. As long as my CFP and Avast are working normally, I really don’t care about the name of the product. A rose by any other name… (:WIN).

This is exactly what I thought was happening with the AV scan my original 3.0 install did. Just to be sure CFP was installing on a clean system but no further realtime and potential conflicts involved. On the apparent renaming of the firewall I was truly ignorant of. I truly have no CIS folder within my Comodo folder. Nor do I have a Comodo AV folder there. Nor does the AV tab appear on my GUI Summary page, so I truly think you are right when you said ONLY the firewall was updated. I and my installed Avast are pleased.

And who knows. Maybe I will want to try the AV product on down the road when it has been test driven for awhile longer. For now, I can just ignore those sections of the on-screen Help. I think my mind is at rest on this issue, despite no “official” replies. Today I went into my registry (after creating a restore point) and deleted the extra CIS entry for cfp.exe after confirming my cfp.exe is truly in the firewall folder, as indicated in another post. No problems after a reboot. I think I’m good to go. Just wondering if I need to change my signature to show CIS instead of CFP. LOL

Thanks again CB and happy surfing to you.

I upgraded from 3.0 to 3.15 using the check for updates function on the miscellaneous page. I also have the help page you mentioned. Since you didn’t install the AV module, there’s no need to heed that section of the help page. If at sometime in the future you’d like to uninstall Avast and add the AV component, you can through add/remove without having to install CIS. From what I understand, if you use this option you may not have the option of Safe Surf and the tool bar. In order to get those you’ll need fresh reinstall from the Comodo site. If you use the latter option, don’t forget to export your settings.

A long as your firewall is working properly, there’s no real need to worry. You do not have two AV’s running (just check your task manager).

Thanks HT. Just recently learned of the “modify” option for Comodo in Add/Remove. I like when programs have that capability. Avast has that, too. And you’re right. There is no executable for a Comodo AV in my Task Mgr, so I feel I’m OK now. Thanks to all who helped me understand these recent changes. Mods can consider this one resolved.

Thread Closed & Resolved!