Issue with Version Firewall Update

I just downloaded the update to version through my installed previous version of Comodo Firewall.

After rebooting, my virus program displayed a message that it would not be able to scan my email. This turned out to be true. My email was not scanned, even though all the settings in my virus program were set to scan inboud and outbout email.

I ran the “Scann for known applications” wizard in Comodo and that corrected the issue.

Why would a version update create this problem to begin with? Had my virus program not advised me, it could have been days before I realized that my email was not being scanned.

I’m running Windows XP Home Edition, SP2.
I use Thunderbird email client with a POP3 account.
My virus program is Avast.

I have been using Comodo for two weeks now, and have been pleased with it’s performance. However, this incident has me a bit concered. If an update can disable or block a funtion in my virus protection, what, if any other, functions on my PC have or could be disabled or blocked?

I hope that a reply from a Comodo Technician will be forthcoming in a short time.

Thank you,

I moved your topic here to gain more exposure.

From what I’ve gathered, it is highly recommended that any other real-time security software like AS and AV be temporarily disabled when installing or updating Comodo Firewall. The reason is that it can interfere (sometimes in less obvious ways), as you had experienced. Although, it would be much better if there was a prompt or warning message about this for every installation/update so that we can prepare ahead of time.

Thank you for your input, soyabeaner

I posted a request in the wishlist :slight_smile: