Issue with scan results

I just reinstalled comodo after switching computers and I had a particular issue-

The scan completed successfully, but instead of taking me directly to the scan results, it loaded a screen asking me if I wanted to use geekbuddy to remove the infections(Which I SPECIFICALLY unchecked in the installer, which should indicate to you that I do not wish to use it.) After checking “do not show this again” and closing the window, the virus scan results were stuck minimized. clicking on the taskbar button, usign alt+tab and other methods would not allow me to make the window appear even though it had loaded, possibly indicating it had been placed off-screen. I had to bring up task manager and select “maximize”. I am running 1080p, my resolution is not the issue.

Another focus-related bug- when doing a scan, and minimizing the scanner box, the main application window comes into focus and must then also be minimized.

Please fix these two issues and also please remove the geekbuddy trialware from the CIS installer and make that a seperate package for those people who want it.

OS: Windows 7 SP1
Other software running: Msi afterburner, catalyst control center
specs: AMD phenom 2 x4 955, ati 5850, 4GB ddr3, 1tb spinpoint f3


You checked “do not show this again”, and had problems.

But in the end, did you find a way to clean threats that were found?

Same happened to me. Then I coud see a list of threats after scan, but there wasn’t any “clean” option.