Issue with rogue redirector|pop up add on program

I gave up a terrible file named gpgobbledeegook to Comodo after much battle with a virus that sucked my download credit, and also redirected Mozilla Firefox (Not Dragon or IE7 Apparantly) on EVERY website.

Even the school site appears to redirect to a “Targeted Commercial” mid my attempting to upload school assignments.

As I said, Internet explorer and Mozilla are fine. The ONE File that has been detected, fggobbledegook (random scribble of letters .dll seemingly) is gone.

I’m fairly conscious about my PC. I have nothing to report officially as neither Comodo, windows defender or “Spyboy - Search and Destroy” found a single recognisable threat

I have alot of PC folk at my University (studying PC 3d graphics & C++) even if i feel out of my league here. I’ve tried a lot to get rid of the funk even manually looking about for ‘the cause’

gqlmjmgqzwesrmfa.dll was the file i deleted. seemed to be communicating somewhere when net were on.

Um - i fear I have only cut one undetected piece of software out - as I’m still being redirected to random junk ad pages - on any website, i can hit esc to stop the load if i seriously require mozilla (which is alot, most pages are a pain in the ■■■ and won’t run on chrome or dragon yet)

Here is a great post with lots of useful information.

What You Need To Know About Removing Infections and Securing Your Computer

I’m also moving this post to a more relevant forum.

the Malware and program is called “your contextual tool by yourprofitclub”

I had to remove it using other utilities, 3x other programs including our beloved Comodo have not seen it

Sorry to hear Comodo did not catch it. If you ever bump into it again be sure to grab that dll and report it (CAMAS and Comodo’s File Verify tool), also VirusTotal, etc. :slight_smile: