Issue with mounted drive

Hello all,

I’m using a truecrypt volume as an extra protection for my email client and i added the program to the ‘network security policy’, but after every reboot i get a popup if i want to allow the program to the internet.

Is this because the firewall thinks it’s on a portable drive or something? (i read somewhere usb sticks containing programs are considered dangerous by ics and can’t be permanently added). I want to stress everything is local on the harddrive, so the assumption that the volume is dangerous, would be erroneous (i would regard a strongly encrypted drive even more secure ).

some data:
comodo firewall 5.12
win7 x64
disabled the defense+
only using the firewall
rechecked 4x the program is correctly in the security policy list
firewall on custom policy

As a guess, I would imagine because the TC volume has a different drive letter to the system drive when it’s mounted, Comodo Firewall treats it as a non-system drive and therefore ignores your application rules (like it does with portable apps on USB sticks for example).

Unless someone else knows of a work-a-round, an alternative could be to install the mail client on the system drive and see if your email client will allow you to just store the data files in the encrypted volume (as opposed to the program itself). The downside of this is if you forget to mount the volume before launching the email client, it’ll probably throw up all sorts of error messages, as it won’t be able to find the data files it’s looking for.