Issue with limited account in Windows XP

Sorry but I could not find the answer to this question.

I have been using CPF for about 2 months now in my Windows 2K partitions, without problems, in an account with admin rights.

Today I uninstalled my ex firewall in the Windows XP (SP2) partition and installed CPF (BTW latest version It went without issues and I could access the internet with every program I needed. Installation was done using the recommended settings and Component Monitor is set to learning now.

After installing I turned into a limited rights account (or user account) which is what I mostly use to surf. No matter what I did I could not access the internet excepting when selecting 'Allow all".

I am using a WLAN connection with the AVM Fritz! USB stick v 1.1 and mentioned user account did not have issues using my ex firewall.

In Miscellaneous settings “Protect own registry keys and files from unauthorized modifications” is ticked (checked). Could this be the reason?

Any feedback will be appreciated.

Kind regards

Hi Tattenbach, welcome to the forum :slight_smile:

How are you entering a ‘Limited rights account’
Are you logging on as a ‘normal’ (non admin) user account?
Are you using ‘runas’
Are you using a third party utility?

Some other method?

Thanks Toggie,

I am just logging as a normal user, non-admin account.

I must have done something incorrect the first time, but I can’t figure out what. I went and deleted all the entries in ‘application monitor’ and ‘components monitor’ and ran a new ‘scan for known applications’. Now it works.

Thanks for caring and apologies for the false alarm.

No worries, glad you found a solution :slight_smile: