Issue with latest version of IceDragon

Hopefully someone can figure out what’s going on… IceDragon updated a while ago to, now when I go to certain sites, such as YouTube, the page displays as full color and image, but if I scroll, part of the page changes to what looks like a really low resolution effect, if I move the mouse pointer over the icons and text, they return to full quality, until I scroll again. I’ve tried Comodo Dragon browser and Mozilla Firefox… and this issue is not there, so only with IceDragon. Any ideas? Is this a known bug? ???

Hi and welcome Jazzz,
Please see if the suggestion posted by George-Silviu Blendea in the quote below helps with your issue as well.


Thanks for that :slight_smile: I tried it, it seemed to work for YouTube temporarily, but then it just started again, (I checked the extension to make sure it had been disabled correctly) didn’t matter which video I chose, it still occurred. This next page I tried, when I scroll down, and then up again, some of the text changes to that low resolution effect, or more like text and color prints out on a draft quality print? Two guys made a life-sized Lego car that runs on air - The Verge Very weird issue, as not all pages do it, Facebook for example doesn’t seem to have the problem. :o

Hi Jazzz,
I am just stabbing in the dark as I can’t replicate the issue.

Try disabling ‘Use hardware acceleration when available’ found under general browsing in the advanced options.

Also clear your browsing data. Ctrl+ Shift+Del