Issue with Latest CFP (CIS) and Visual Basic 6

I have a Windows XP Pro SP3 laptop. avast! 4 AV protection, Comodo firewall. Formerly using CFP 3.0.25 (and earlier) - no issues at all.
Since upgrading to the CIS (Firewall/Defense installation only, no AV yet) 3.5.54375.427, when I try to compile any VB6 program, it compiles the obj files but when it launches link.exe to write the executable, everything stalls. Link pegs the CPU for as long as I let it - had to kill the process after several minutes. I’ve tried adding link.exe to the safe files in Defense+, in the exceptions of CMF, and the allowed processes in the Firewall. Even turning CMF, CFP off completely did not help. I had to copy the source code to a different PC and compile it there. As I said, this issue only arose since upgrading from CFP 3.0.25 to CIS. Any ideas?

Try removing CMF. It gives me a lot of problems with VS2008 and VB6. Dont know why. It just stalls. Now I’m running CIS (FULL) alone and have no issues at all!

Well, that appears to have worked. Uninstalled CMF, rebooted. Waited until system stabilized. Launched VB, created exe and all appears back to the way it was before. I’m just confused as to why this never showed up as an issue before - when I had CFP 3.0.25 and CMF both installed; only when I upgraded the firewall to the CIS version. I also experienced the issues reported by others where Java.exe would hang the system, and the solution was to add it to the CMF exceptions… and that worked for me as well. That’s why I first tried adding VB6.exe and Link.exe to the CMF exceptions list. Oh well, at least things seem better now. My curiosity would like to know why, though… and if my system is less protected now that I have CMF removed.