Issue with Global Rules

Hi, I’ve been having this issue and it’s really got me thinking a lot. I have this online game that receives/sends connections through different ports. On App Rules I’ve set the ports and everything so it would work correctly, now, in the View Logs section I see those connections are blocked by the Windows Operating System (WOS) So I added the same ports etc to Global Rules so it would allow those connections to the game and then it works fine. My Question is: Why do I have to do this in order to play the game isn’t supposed that the firewall “finds out” which connection goes to each program??? I’m concerned because it’s like having some ports completely open and don’t know how safe this would be.

It might be helpful if you could provide a little more information, such as the name of the game, details of the rules you’ve created and the logs of the inbound WOS entries.

Yes sorry about that. The game it’s Call of Duty Black Ops 2 but also happens the same with Modern Warfare 3.
These games connect through the port 3074 so I had to Open this one by Allowing UDP from 3074 to Any and then from Any to 3074 (this because I notice it might receive but wouldn’t send)
And also it makes ICMP requests so had to allow them.
In the pictures attached you can see the requests blocked by the Windows Operating System
If anything else needed please let me know :slight_smile:

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