Issue with Comodo & Microsoft Update [resolved]

Hi, im having a problem with Comodo & Microsoft Update. Everytime i try to scan for updates on MS Update i get the following error code: 0x8024402C. Now i have followed the steps and numerous articles that MS have suggested, but i still cant resolve the problem. I have also tried clearing the application and componant sections in the firewall and allowing them access to the internet again, but this has made little difference. I have also un installed Comodo and tried with Zone Alarm (Temporarily), and the problem corrected itself, so its a problem with Comodo.

Im using IE6 for MS Update

These types of errors can be real tricky (a Google search reveals that). If CFW was causing any problems then its unlikely to do it silently. Check CFWs Logs for any related messages (Activity - Logs). I don’t remember any reports of CFW causing problems with WindowsUpdate (WU) unless Service, Svchost or some other WU component had been accidentally blocked. Check both the Application Monitor & the Component Monitor, review all blocks. However, you can easily include or exclude CFW as the culprit by trying WU with CFWs Security at Allow All. If WU works, then it probably was CFW. If WU still fails, then CFW is not causing it.

The reason why WU is failing, although it can be obscure sometimes, can be found in a file called WindowsUpdate.log under your main Windows directory. I tried another Google on 0x8024402C… and found this. Hmm.

As a last resort… you can always try Dial-a-fix aka DAF. DAF, has a Fix Windows Update function. It stops all WU services, re-registers all the WU DLLs (usually the root cause of many failures) & restarts the WU services. DAF has other functions, of course. The rule with DAF is… if it isn’t broken, don’t try & fix it.

I only had the problem with windows automatic update, with no error message, just the windows update process stopping. I solved it by granting full access to the application %SystemRoot%\system32\wupdmgr.exe. No more problem after that. Hope that can help.

Thanks, it worked a treat :BNC

glad to hear that! :■■■■

I’m setting this as resolved and lock it.