Issue with Comodo CIS 4.0 theme

I’ve recently installed Comodo Internet Security 4.0 on a computer that previously had the Comodo Internet Security 3.14 installed. The earlier version did not have this issue.

This computer has the Windows Vista operating sytem with 3 user accounts on it.

The install completed successfully without any errors. The new CIS user interface with the new red theme displays properly in 2 of the user accounts. However it displays the old theme in 1 of the user accounts!

On entering this user account (with the theme issue) it displays the new icons and layout with the older color scheme. It doesn’t display the new logo either. There’s only 1 option ‘Comodo Style Defualt Normal’ in the ‘More > Settings > Themes’ tab. It doesn’t display the new red theme in the drop-down list!

I’ve tried uninstalling and re-installing the application–but it doesn’t help.

How can this theme issue be fixed?

I have checked the registry of the computer.

The ‘ThemeName’ is set as “Comodo Style Red Normal” in the registry.