Issue with CFW 6, unable to print from a sandboxed application

Hi , I have Foxit Reader sandboxed (Restricted). I am unable to print PDF’s since Foxit is sandboxed. I have enabled the Full Virtualization tweak. Have not enabled the HIPS in D+.

Can’t find an option, to allow printing from sandbox.


Under the sandbox tab → advanced settings do not virtualize specific file/folders add →


It would be better to just allow Foxit Reader because that is a known safe file. If you add the print spooler as an exception it will expose a favorite target of many types of malware. I tested this with Adobe Reader fully virtualized and was able to print.

Good Luck :wink:

Just came across this . . .

An alternative if your unfamiliar . . . the user reviews speak volumes.

Thanks but did not work for me. Found a workaround on Wilders though (printing to XPS)