Issue with ad block plus and comodo dragon?

Not sure why but with comodo dragon if I install abp with it it wont block all ads but if I use normal stable chrome it will not sure if its abp or comodo.

Hi and welcome cooperb21,
The PrivDog extension included in Dragon could be overriding ABP and showing ads from AdTrustMedia.
Either select ‘Block all Ad Networks’ from PrivDogs threat list, or try with the PrivDog extension disabled to see if ABP functions as expected.
Note: If you select ‘Block all Ad Networks’ from PrivDogs threat list, this is doing a similar job to that of ABP.
Probably best to only have one or the other enabled to stop the risks of any conflicts.

Kind regards.

I removed all extensions that came with browser its just abp and comodo dragon.

Sorry I am not sure what to think could be happening here. :-
If all filter subscriptions/settings are the same for ABP in both Chrome/Dragon with no other factors involved, I would have expected the same behaviour from both.

Kind regards.

Found out issue its with chrome 33 so i wont be able use comodo until you guys go to 35 or 34 chrome its been fixed there with video ads now being blocked.

Thanks for posting back, let us hope future versions solve this issue. :slight_smile: