Issue W/ Gadget

??? :-\ The Gadget keeps displaying a # of files pending analysis but there are no files pending.
How do I fix this? :-\ ???

:-\ Has anyone found a resolution to this issue yet ??? ?


Here’s an idea.

  1. Export your file list and search for the following string: actualVerdict=“unknown”
  2. After you’ve identified troublesome files, delete corespondent lines. It probably looks like :
    <file.rating … actualVerdict=“unknown” … />
  3. Import (edited) file list
  4. Save by pressing “OK” button
  5. Check results

It should work, I’m guessing.

I’ll give it a try when it happens again.
And come back here incase it fails.

Thanks. It would be very interesting to see if it’s a certain file that’s causing it every time.