Issue/bug CSI AV database Update

i don’t know if this is an CSI Issue or BUG - please i ask help for understand better.
I have started a whish request about improve CSI Update here:

and with the progress of the discussion i have found something strange who seems to be an Issue, maybe a BUG with CSI AV Updates.
This is a post who i ask to see, there are some interesting screen shot;msg783001#msg783001

The version of Comodo is the last avaiable,
the issue is more present in notebook or desktop PC not always connected to the Internet.

I have heard CSI should update their database after some minutes after PC startup so i presume to understand a PC with yellow status “need atenction” or red status “at risk” should update and change status automatically after 18 minutes.

This not happen.
Only if you leave the PC connected for about one ore more hours your CSI will be updated automatically so status change without manual fix.

I see this problem not in my Desktop PC who are every day and always connected to the Internet but in Notebook who use for example Internet Key or wi fi for connect one at week for 30 minutes or one hours.

User turn on the PC and what i think should be, Comodo status are red, after 10 minutes should be update at green because CSI should check for update as soon are possibile and as soon Internet Connection are detected.
If you see the screen here:;msg783001#msg783001 You are able to see in the activity there is no AV updates and in the test i have started the PC at 11.03 AM and at 11.18 PM (the last screen shot are at 11.10 AM but at 11.18 the CSI status and activities was the same, yellow status and not updated CSI

So in 15, 18 minutes CSI are not alredy updated. User are not happy because they need to use Internet and all time is necessary, for surf safe or be, see their are safe need to fix Mannualy the CSI.

Please can you check if that is normal? I see different people hunappy for this. I think CSI should update after 3, 5 minutes PC are on and after maybe 10, max 15 minutes be updated.

Thank you :embarassed: :-TU :wink:

Many thanks for you issue report

I can see the point. If you only occasionally boot up your computer, or only occasionally connect to the internet, this issue means protection is not as strong as it might be.

I think this is a valid wish, PeopleInside, or maybe a hybrid. I think report as a wish.

You can of course request an immediate update by clicking on ‘fix it’.

I will move this to resolved/outdated if that is OK

Kind regards


Hi mouse1 and thanks.
I think this is the best reply i have receved.

Yes, when i boot my PC on for fix i have all time to fix manually because PC is updated only after 40 minutes. For 40 minutes or something more status of CSI change but 40 minutes PC connected to the internet maybe is a lot.
For this reason i had thinked as i see in other antivirus product an automated update should lanched after 10 minutes if PC are on not busy and Internet Connection avaiable.

You can do what you want with this my topic.

Oh i have tried to report as whish but without success, maybe my english is little so my whish request was refused. If you can do better is ok. I think i have tried to report this in whish also here. My work finish for now. Many thanks.

Could you send me a link to your wish please?