ISP TV stream blocked by firewall in VLC


In order to watch TV on my PC, I open streams of my ISP in VLC.

When firewall is off, everything is fine. When on, udp incoming streams get blocked.
I tried to define a rule as described here :;prev_next=prev

I tried several parameters but none will work.

Any help appreciated !

Welcome to the forum.

Would you mind providing a few more details please.

  1. Screenshots of your Global and Application rules (vlc application rules in particular)
  2. Any log entries showing the inbound connections
  3. If you have any details of the requirements, for watching streams, from your ISP, it would help

I also have the same problem which is well know by many comodo users except comodo itself!!
Just search “VLC” in comodo forum and you will discover you re not alone …
Use google with comodo and vlc …
I am not a rookie or a newbie …
Nothing else than “deactivate firewall” will allow VLC to work with free TV player from my provider (…
this issue in comodo started in 2006 or 2007, was fixed in comodo 3.0 and reappear just after…
flood parameter may have had some effects in some versions of comodo.
i am tired to play with inconsistencies
comodo CIS 5.12.256249.2599 still affected (today)

i dont believe it!
version 6.2.285401.2860 works flawlessly with VLC !!!