ISP Ripping Me Off? (Read my letter)

I haven’t sent this yet. Please Post your thoughts below…

Letter to Virgin Media.

… There could be many ‘old people’ who don’t understand these things in the same situation.

Hi J2045

Depending on your connection type, I think you probably need to look at things like Line Attenuation, Noise Margin, distance from Exchange & what kit is at your nearest Exchange. Combined these elements should tell you if your connection could go faster or if it is capped in some way.

My internet speed was.

I remember that I used 3Mb, >:(

Does that still apply with DSL Fibre Optics (that’s what I’m on). Or is that just for ADSL?

Hi John

Sorry, what I typed was based on an ADSL connection. Fiber is not meant to suffer from the same distance and/or noise issues that DSL (running on copper) does. I’ve not investigated fiber myself (don’t have it in my area), but I assume that there are similar comparisons & user reports on fiber as there are for DSL.

A site with comparisons & user reviews…

Virgin Broadband Deals | Best Offers for June 2023

Quick correction:

I said…

What I should have said was…

I'm on a [url=]Fibre Optic Internet Connection[/url] (Not ADSL or DSL).

But thanks for explaining and providing useful Links. :slight_smile:

John, that’s OK. I knew what you meant. Fiber, not DSL. I hope the URL helps, there’s a couple of more sites like Broadband Genie for UK users to investigate & compare their experiences. is not necessarily a reliable source. It is for example browser dependent.

Try downloading a big file from a stable server. For example a driver package from ATI: . They have reliable servers hosted by Akamai (Akamai hosts approx 25% of the web).

Or try this test page from Dutch ISP KPN: .

Hey J do you ever frequent the Cable Forum, they have a lot of Virgin Media staff on there but are not directly affiliated with Virgin :wink:

Get on the blower to them on 121 and tell em you`ve just had Sky canvassing at your door. I did recently and got £5 of the bill and an upgrade from 2 to 10 MB(allthough they where doing that anyroad).

It may be the modem youve got, ive got the 255 and i think there is a certain one you need to access above 2MB.


Picks from when they upgraded…

Read your topic J so above is irrelevant!