ISP download restriction. Can I use a downloand manager?

Hi, I have recently changed my harddrive and re-installed CIS, but my ISP wont allow me to download the “BASE_END_USER_v4835.cav” dse to its size. Yes my provider sux but im stuck with them for now. Is there a link i can use on my Free Download Manager so I can download this file in parts?

I also have my old hard drive still but windows wont let me transfur the base.cav file from one hard drive to another. I was hoping this may be an alternative but so far no luck.

Any ides or suggestion would be greatfully appreciated, as i love this product. its so much better and more user friendly than AVG Free and i dont want to have to go back to that, but may have to if i cant get this to work.

Thanks all.

A big thanks to “Alan Borer”. Your reply to another post has solved my file transfer problem.

I spend ages looking thourgh posts before posting this, and what do you know. Within less than an hours after making my post, i find a solution in a previous post.

The solution: You can transfer base.cav files from one hard drive to another, by simply doing so in safe mode. YAY!!! Thanks again Alan Borer. :slight_smile:

For those investigation if you can download a base.cav through a download manager, well sorry i still dont know if that is possible, but i have confidence that if it is possible there will be an answer here somewhere. Just keep looking, and ask, abnd eventually the solution will reveal itself.