Isolated Browser Application ( Alpha)

Is my “isolated browser application” rule corrupted or direct access to keyboard is allowed by default?

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Hi ggf31416, welcome to the forums.

Yes, the Defense+ Predefined Security Policy for Isolated Browser Application does have Access Rights to the Keyboard. Otherwise, I guess you couldn’t type anything into the browser. Why do you suspect it is corrupt?

Because I found quite unsual that Direct keyboard access is allowed for an “isolated application”. I don’t have any problem typing or using shortcuts in Firefox, Opera or IE if keyboard access is set to block and AFAIK it’s mainly used by games or keyloggers.

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If it is not blocking the keyboard when it is specifically blocked then you should report that as a possible bug in the appropriate topic on this board (there’s a different topic depending on the build you’re using). Ask some else to verify it (always a good approach/idea). I would say that the intention was to completely block the keyboard when it is set to be so. Bug IMHO. You get a free lifetime license for finding a bug. :wink:

PS I should also add that it has not been unknown for CFP 3 to corrupt/loose predefined rules (ie. registry entries). However, to be fair… this particular release is much better in this regard than the previous (first) Alpha release.